Feeling unwell

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... for medical help over the festive season

If you, a family member or a friend are very unwell during the Christmas and New Year holiday period, the NHS in Hertfordshire has health services which are open and available to keep you safe. Read more ...

About This Story

The sun’s out and schools are breaking up for the long summer holidays.  With a bit of careful planning for the weeks ahead, mums and dads can be fully prepared for summer fun and the inevitable knocks, scrapes, stings and grazes that adventurous play brings.

Mental health

It's easy to think that mental health issues don't concern us, but in fact a quarter of us will have problems with our mental wellbeing at some time in our lives.

GP services

There are 60 GP practices in east and north Hertfordshire. Find your nearest and what you need to register with a GP.


For common colds, sickly stomachs and everything in-between, choose a pharmacist. Your local pharmacy provides expert advice on common health problems and the best medicines to treat them.

NHS 111

NHS 111 is a free telephone number to call if you urgently need medical help or advice but it's not a life-threatening situation.

Feeling unwell?

There is a huge range of health services in east and north Hertfordshire but people don't always know where to go when they fall ill. We want give you the information about the health services available and what they offer so that you can make the right choice for you.  At the same time people want to know more about what they can do to look after their families’ and their own health.

Using the right health services is not only good for individuals but helps the NHS as a whole by making sure resources are used in the right way.

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