Pre-operative assessment

Reception area for the Pre-operative assessment area at the New QEII Hospital

Pre-operative assessment is located by the blue stairs on first floor.  It is open 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday except on public and bank holidays. 

The unit is a nurse led service for adult patients due to undergo elective surgery or procedure. 

The service provides initial health screening in the triage clinic directly after the decision to operate in the outpatients department is made. This helps to determine your fitness prior to you being added to a waiting list. Please allow a little more time for your visit to the hospital so that the initial health screening can be completed on the same day as your outpatients appointment. This will involve filling out a brief health screening questionnaire and having your blood pressure, height and weight measured.  It may also be neccessary to obtain an ECG or take swabs for MRSA, which are routine non-invasive tests.

After your initial health screening you will be contacted by the waiting list team who will have booked you in to either a face to face consultation or telephone appointment. 

This preparation and planning, carried out prior to your treatment, ensures that you are fully informed about the procedure and the post-operative recovery and that you are in the best health prior to your admission. The assessment is more involved than your initial health screening visit and you may need to under go further tests and investigations prior to your surgery. 

Please bring your medications, including inhalers and herbal remedies taken with you when you attend your appointment, and if you use reading glasses, please bring these with you.

All patients, and their relatives and carers, are invited to be actively involved in the assessment, preparation and planning to enable their participation in decisions about their treatment and plans of care. 

The pre-operative assessment team, with you, will make arrangements for your admission and start to prepare for your discharge and post-operative care at home. 

This preparation and planning is an essential part of your planned care pathway which enhances the quality of care in a number of ways. 

  • If you are fully informed, you are less stressed and recover more quickly. A health check ensures good medical health before anaesthesia and surgery. 
  • Planning your admission and discharge ensures that you, your family and carers know what to expect, facilitating earlier post-operative care at home. 
  • You are less likely to be cancelled due to ill health on the day of your procedure. 
  • It is often possible to admit and discharge you on the day of your procedure. 
  • By improving the planned admission process, it enhances your overall patient experience and the clinical process. 
  • Pre-operative assessment and planning should form a natural part of the process for all planned surgery. Robust processes within the department ensure that the intensity of the process is matched to your individual level of fitness and complexity of the procedure irrespective of whether you are booked on an inpatient or day-case admission.

In order for the service to best respond to patient’s needs please spare a few moments to fill out an anonymous “friends and family” questionnaire. Your feedback helps to identify what works well, but which areas have room for improvement. 

To contact pre-operative assessment call:

  • 01707 247 633